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Our chiropractic treatment addresses wellness issues through your central nervous system. Physical and emotional stress can cause improper spinal alignment, which weakens the body and diminishes your nerve supply. Our goal is to correct alignment to allow your nervous system to function at its best.

Laser & Light Therapy

We use innovative therapies such as the MR4® SE 25 Laser to provide relief and stimulate healing to specific areas of your body. The laser uses pre-programmed technology to address areas of concern for different conditions. Examples of the conditions that can be helped with the MR4® SE 25 Laser include pain, edema, inflammation, and muscle spasm.

Weight Loss

Using the Contour Light, we can contour your body’s shape for a slimmer, healthier figure. This treatment uses LED (light-emitting diode) technology to deliver photonic energy that penetrates your tissue and redefines your shape. It uses flexible pads that stay connected to your body and allow the light to stay as close to your skin as possible.


Our doctors help you sustain your physical and mental well-being through a diet that focuses on natural whole foods. We will assess your unique nutritional needs to create a diet plan that supports your immunity, resilience, and energy.